Align Your Chakra System

Shift From Grief To Joy: Align Your Chakra System

  • Are you struggling with feelings of unworthiness, guilt or shame?
  • Do you feel that your opinion doesn’t count?
  • When faced with decisions do you feel helpless to make them?
  • Do you feel safe to give and receive love?

Discover a dynamic system of healing and aligning
your chakra system which helps you to break free
from the shackles of personal limitations.

Align Your Chakra System

Introducing Shift From Grief To Joy:
Align Your Chakra System

In this 4 part audio you will discover how to:

  • Bring into alignment the 7 chakras or energy systems in your body.
  • Ground all the energy of your visions & the dreams that are all in the mind
  • Tap into your creative energy
  • Bridge the 3 lower chakras and 3 higher chakras
  • Communicate with authenticity
  • Raise your consciousness by aligning this one major chakra
  • Decalcify & Activate the Pineal Gland – the seat of the soul
  • And much much more……

Ready to shift your vibrational frequency?

Get started now… 4 Audio MP3’s & PDF Transcripts

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