Releasing The Heart Wall

  • Is your heart filled with pain, anger, sadness, grief or resentment?
  • Are you experiencing physical symptoms that are more than likely related to unresolved emotions?
  • Have you ever felt that your heart was going to break at some point?
  • Do you experience self sabotage?
  • Are you unable to pursue the things you most desire in life?
  • Do you find it a challenge to move forward in your relationship?

Releasing The Heart Wall

Michael P. Watson said it best “When we build walls to protect ourselves from pain, we often keep the love out too.

Did you know that 93% of people on this planet have a heart wall?

This could mean that you may be one of those 93% of people who may have a heart wall, and if so you’d probably want to release that heart wall. Why? Because having a heart wall interferes with your ability to give and receive love, creates numbness to emotions and blocks you from success.

The ancients have always known that the heart is the core of our being, and is the source of love. What happens when it gets hurt? To protect itself from being completely shattered into pieces the heart protects itself by putting an energetic wall around it.

This is supposed to be a temporary solution, however if it’s not removed, that heart wall can stick around for years and even for a person’s whole life time.

What happens when the heart wall is removed? You:

Release The Heart Wall Coaching

  • Can Find Love
  • Start Feeling Awake and Alive.
  • Can Overcome Depression and Other Toxic Emotions
  • Resolve Physical Issues
  • Are Able to Find Success
  • and much more!

You might be asking yourself, “How do I remove my heart wall?”

This is where I can help you by offering a package consisting of 3 sessions. Sessions will be approximately 30-45 minutes and are scheduled once a week for three weeks.

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Register Here to get rid of your heart wall – $450 USD

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**2 monthly installments of $245 USD

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Look forward to assisting you on your healing journey!

Brenda Blindenbach
Health & Wellness Coach
Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

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