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My Business Is Struggling – An Impromptu Interview

My business is struggling…

When my coaching clients come to me, they always say “my business is struggling what can I do?” This is what my impromptu video interview with Sharoz Walji of Astral Connections is all about.

I shared how to avoid the 3 Massive Mistakes Most Holistic Practitioners and Healers Make That Keep Them Struggling to Grow Their Business.

Those of you who don’t know me will get some idea about who I am and why I’m working in this field by watching these videos. I talk about how I was given clues to move in the direction of where my heart was leading me. I believe all us are given these clues and all we need to do is to connect the dots to get a sense of where it’s leading us.

When your business is struggling, I’ve found that the #1 key to get what you want is about getting clarity. I stand in awe at how I was led to write a chapter in the book that I co- authored in the series Wake Up Live the Life You Love: Living In Clarity, along with Dr. Wayne Dyer, Anthony Robbins and other personal development experts.

It hit #21 on the Top 100 Best Seller’s List.

Getting clarity about what it is that you want in your business is a challenge for the entrepreneur, healer, artist or writer. That’s the reason getting clarity is crucial if you want to achieve success in your life or business.

Just think of it – how can you get what you want in life, if you don’t know what you want? Here’s a very interesting human phenomenon – people have a tendency of focusing on all the rotten things that are facing them in their everyday lives which prevents them from getting clarity about what it is that they want.

Most human beings have an easier time being conscious and focused on what they don’t have or aren’t doing or what’s facing them in the present moment.

Their focus is on all the things that are bringing them a lot of pain, suffering, anxiety, discomfort and stress. This stress takes a huge toll on their physical, emotional, physiological and energetic being. We now have one of two choices.

Choice #1 Keep focusing on what it is that’s causing all this pain and anxiety and let that energy build up and take over your physical, mental and emotional energy and then have the law of attraction kick in and bring you more of what you’ve been focusing on.

Choice #2 is employing what I call the Polarity Process or the Law of Polarity, which is the practice of leveraging opposites.

How can I shift the “my business is struggling” paradigm?

As a Business Building & Mindset Coach, I will be sharing more about the Law of Polarity and the Polarity Process in my 2 hour workshop Avoid the 3 Massive Mistakes Most Holistic Practitioners & Healers Make That Keep Them Struggling to Grow Their Business.

Thursday 29 September 2011 in Vancouver 7-9 pm

Free when you Pre-Register or $20.00 at the door.

So, let go of your “business is struggling” focus and join us — it’s free when you Pre-Register online by clicking here.

My Business Is Struggling - How can I shift my focus?

2 replies on “My Business Is Struggling – An Impromptu Interview”

Awesome interview Brenda! I find it really helps having an idea of what you want, rather than delving in a fog. It is amazing how our minds find solutions when it is given the freedom to think.

Thanks for sharing Suweera . When there is no clarity there can be no inspired action and no great outcomes or result. Many blessings, Brenda

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