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What Is Your Money Thermostat Setting Set At?

Do you know what your money thermostat setting is set at?

Do you make the same income year after year in spite of the fact that you’ve set a goal of making more money each year but very little seems to change?

Most people have a good idea of how a thermostat works as they probably have one in their home or office. The temperature that’s set on their thermostat is what the temperature of a room will be.

A thermostat is programmed to keep the temperature at a certain level. If it gets too cold then it turns up the heating, if it gets too hot then it turns off the heat and turns on the air conditioning until it gets back to the set temperature. So the temperature never strays more than a degree or two from the set point.

Likewise you also have a money thermostat which you’ve set that allows you to make a certain amount of money. The only way you will be able to make more money is by raising your money thermostat setting.

Raise Your Money Thermostat

If you want to know how to get off the frequency which produces the results you’ve been getting preventing you from making more money you have to find out what’s keeping you stuck at that holding pattern.

That holding pattern is called your paradigm, which are your beliefs about money, your beliefs about what you can achieve and your beliefs about what you can have and do.

What’s preventing you from getting to the place you want to get to?

How do you know what your money thermostat is set at?

It’s by looking at the results that are in your life or business. That’s where your money thermostat is set.

If you want to change the setting on your money thermostat, and move away from where you are to where you want to be, the first place is for you to find out what those paradigms are that are keeping you in this holding pattern.

What are the results you’d like to create? Clearing those limiting money paradigms will bring you clarity on how to move from where you are and move you in the direction to where you want to go.

How much money you can achieve is controlled by the thermostatic belief systems or paradigms that are governing your life. Change them and you will change the setting which will change the results or outcomes of what you want to achieve in your life or business.. A new Success Blueprint.

If you are ready to raise your old money thermostat and have it reset for a new one, register for the 6 Teleclass Workshop starting December 1st, 2011 Ready To Let Go, Change Your Beliefs, Create a Success Mindset.

To Your Success,

Brenda Blindenbach Set Money Thermostat

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Words of wisdom, Andrea. So many small bunsiess owners have just thrown their hands up in surrender to this economy. Instead of looking at challenges as opportunities, they see only barriers to things being the way they used to be. Change and innovation are critical to a successful bunsiess.

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