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Be Grateful For Who You Are

To be grateful for who you are, and what you have accomplished this year is a good way to bring this year to a close. For many of us we tend to focus on all our failures and on the areas we haven’t measured up, which impairs our self esteem.

However acknowledging yourself and remembering how important you really are, is a way of recognizing your worth.

How can you be grateful for who you are?

Self acknowledgement is the key to self love, so give yourself permission to acknowledge your talents, your uniqueness, your strengths and your greatness. Begin by taking an inventory of all the things that you would like to be acknowledged for.

Notice all the times you moved out of your comfort zone and went out on a limb. How you took that small action step that moved you in the direction of your dream helped someone with a word of encouragement or a smile.

What qualities surfaced up as a result of you accomplishing your outer goal? Was it your courage, kindness, your vulnerability, openness, generosity, or your compassion?

How did you unleash your greatness? How did you tap into your maximum potential? Who have you become from all of your triumphs, challenges and experiences? Notice and celebrate both the outer achievements, successes and breakthrough as well as the inner strengths that were always there but you may not have been aware of.

Acknowledge and be grateful for who you are.

You are a divine being but somewhere along your journey through life, you were given messages that told you that in some way or another you were flawed or not good enough.

Take the time now to own those qualities that are in you and be grateful for who you are and your worth. Rejoice in your loveliness and your beauty. There is no one quite like you. You are awesome, amazing and wonderful. Doesn’t that make you feel good? Why is that? It’s because that’s who you are at your essence.

So celebrate, acknowledge, rejoice and be grateful for who you are and your worth.

Leave a comment in the comment section about how you are grateful for who you are, and for all your triumphs and successes you’ve achieved this year.

I’ll leave you with these powerful inspiring words in this video on happiness for you to contemplate on so you can make it one of your intentions for the coming year.

To Your Success,

Brenda Blindenbach Be Grateful For Who You Are

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