Grief Relief

Some Thoughts On Releasing Grief, Loss And Longing

As we walk thorough life it’s common to notice some emotions of grief, loss, disappointments and longing that may not have been fulfilled.

We tend to make these emotions either bad or wrong, but whatever we are experiencing is exactly right, right now in this moment.

However you don’t want to sit in grief, loss, and longing for too long. When you notice it acknowledge it, own it, embrace and bless it and then release it.

Healing emotional pain will probably have to be done repeatedly because the thoughts that arise will trigger the memories that bring up the emotions.

That’s an indication that those memories (especially the ones you aren’t aware of) have still to be healed.

So how is this done? Just let go of pain. Letting go is easier than you realize. The difficulty arises when we want to hold on to it, or resist letting it go.

Moving forward in life requires us to let go of pain, to get unstuck. That’s why I find if I l know how to use a tool/method/or system, it helps in the release process.

It’s no different than having tools in your tool box and knowing when to reach for a hammer and nail for the specific job it’s meant to do. It’s a no brainer.

So too when you get triggered if you have a tool that’s easy and effective you will automatically reach for it and use it.

If you are unable to move on or don’t know of a way to easily and consistently release those emotions that are causing you pain which will allow you to move into joy, then allow me to help you.

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