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Do You Know Trapped Emotions Are At The Source of Pain?

I’d like to share a video with you that dropped into my lap so to speak when I was debating and asking for guidance as to what I needed to share with you at this time.

The information that you’ve received in this movie is priceless. Now that you know how trapped motions are at the source of pain, disease and suffering, this information in and by itself isn’t going to do you any good unless you can apply that information and make it work for you.

There are ways to remove or transform negative emotional molecules that have caused havoc in your life and set in motion a different outcome that your heart’s been longing for.

Are you serious about making a change in your life?

Check out the Discovery & Release Session and find out how you can:

  • Alleviate suffering
  • Aspire towards a better life
  • Actualize a better life

Remember that at your core you are magnificent, powerful and awesome!

Love and Blessings,

Emotions Are At Source of Pain

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
& Transformational Coach

5 replies on “Do You Know Trapped Emotions Are At The Source of Pain?”

Hi Brenda, thank you for this great video, my question is if these hepatitis c treatment drugs have toxins that attack the mycondra in the body , how do we remove them ? My research shows that they do have toxins so it’s a man made toxin. These toxin’s cause heart problems, cancer, RA fibermyalga like symptoms. Even death . This is not something that my friends are manifesting like my husband. Yes I believe the body’s memory stores up the negative emotions and effects but something Man Made that then these people took in a pill is different. I’m sure it’s the tipping point to cause their deaths but taking a pill that it like a time bomb, we have a 10 year old little boy who is now having seizures after taking the treatment. Thank you for your input.

Hi Debbie, Thank you for your question. Although the toxins are man made it doesn’t matter. Remember that everything is energy, but everything. So that energy can be removed through several ways. The ones that I know best are through energy healing. One of the cutting energy modality that I’m helping people with is Energy Balancing by Numbers (EBN). Even though everything has a frequency what good would that be if we didn’t know how to use that frequency for our good or how to remove it if it is to our detriment?

That’s where numbers come in. Everything has a numerical frequency. Our bodies have over 1.2 million frequencies & we either are missing some of them or they are not working – they are scrambled. Think of TV screen that gives a scrambled signal when it’s not working properly. What EBN does is to find out if these numbers are missing & if so install then in the person. Absolutely amazing. We use muscle testing by going through the systems of the body to to find out what numbers are missing. Then as the numbers are identified the client installs the number/s into their body for a period of two weeks.

I was looking up the numbers in my book and found the number to eliminate the product Sovaldi!! How awesome is that? Let me know if Jim is interested in working with me.

Love & Blessings,

Thank you Brenda,
I would love to talk to you more.
Oona is using the Trinfinity 8 for James too,
She’s going on Petra show next week.
Is there a way to contact you directly?
I have some nutritional questions.
Thank you

Happy Easter to you as well Debbie. I’m not sure where you live & what your time zone is. Send me a FB message and we can work out the details or you may phone me. Leave me a message if I don’t answer, as I’m probably with a client.

Take care,

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