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Knowing Your Why

Knowing Your Why Making A DifferenceKnowing your why or why you want what you want may not be something that you’ve given much thought to at all. However from your soul’s purpose it’s one of the most crucial steps to incorporate into the manifestation process. Why is that?

When we want something and it’s sourced from a place where it’s because our soul wants to it, that opens up an entirely different field of potential than if we wanted it only because we desire it.

Desire is very important, and if we set it up in terms of a bigger why, we can access the raw fields of potential that’s available to us. Over 80% of this energy in the Universe is unformed raw potential just waiting to form around a structure that makes sense to it. It’s been shown through science that this raw potential responds to benevolence, not to greed, want or force.

What is the Triple Bottom Line?

Just think about it, this is a benevolent universe. We at our core are exactly the same as the Universe in all it’s attributes. The Universe not only wants the best for you, it wants the best for everyone because we are all one.

So ask yourself this question every single time you want to manifest something however small or big it is. Why would manifesting whatever it is that I want make a difference in my life, make a difference for others and make a difference on the planet?

Knowing your three why’s, is called the triple bottom line and your why has got to operate from this triple bottom line principle. When you operate from this triple bottom line principle you can now tap into this raw field of potential that is at your disposal. Isn’t that awesome?

Our why is not something that we think about just once in a while. Whatever we want to manifest each day is what we think about before we get out of bed in the morning and the last thing before we fall off to sleep.

When you move into gratitude because you’re being given the opportunity to materialize something that is not only good for you, but all across the board, for your family & friends, and the difference it’s made in their lives, it has a rippling effect on the planet.

Here’s great example of the Wright Brothers why. They had a dream of creating a machine that would fly that would change the course of this planet. They wanted it for themselves because it would make life easy for them to travel from one place to another with less time and travel with greater comfort.

Their friends, families and community would be helped by this invention in the same way as well and the ripple effect of this was that it did change the course of history. It is because of them that you and I can now travel anywhere in the world in a matter of hours or a day or two with ease and comfort. Their triple bottom line was the fuel that kept them going when times were tough.

Let me give you one example of my triple bottom line for why I wanted to manifest a car. My first why was for me. I wanted a car because it was convenient as it would save me time not having to take public transportation. It was good for others (in this case my family) because my son and grandchildren get to see me every weekend. As they live quite a distance from me having a car allows me to get there fast, easily and often.

It’s good for the planet because I also use my car to travel to give presentations, go to seminars and give workshops teaching people on how to actualize their highest potential.

This is my triple bottom line, my why, for manifesting my car. I feel so grateful for the opportunities I’m being given for making a difference. Manifesting the car is one of the ways it’s helping me to do my soul’s purpose in life on this planet.

So here’s how you can start to use this triple bottom line for everything that you want to materialize from the standpoint of helping your soul print to do what you are meant to do.

What do you want to manifest each day? Why is it good for you to manifest it? Why is it good for others? and why is it good for the planet?

I’d love to hear from you. I invite you to post a comment below.

Love and Blessings,

Knowing Your Why Making A Difference



PS When you operate from this triple bottom line principle you can now tap into this raw field of potential that is at your disposal.

PPS Below is a video of examples of people’s triple bottom line. It was the fuel that propelled them to weather the storm and to move towards their dreams in spite of the challenges that faced them.

Photo credit: Angela Marie Henriette

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